Deciduous Designs
Hand-made Custom Fine Furniture


Whether the centerpiece of a home, where family and friends gather or an intimate piece in the bedroom, hand-made custom furniture reflects integrity, beauty, and the tenderness of human touch.

While working with our hands, we also work with our clients to create custom and unique lines of furniture. Made one-at-a-time, our pieces are designed to fit you like your favorite pair of shoes.

Our services include

Custom Furniture
Custom Cabinetry
Design Services  
Architectural Woodworking
Restoration & Refinishing  


The Deciduous Designs Philosophy

Woodworking is an ancient discipline–a process that brings together the guidance of the mind and the strength of the hand. For centuries, wood furniture has been a vital part of every household. Furniture not only provides function–a surface to serve meals, a place to sit–it speaks of an individual’s tastes and additudes, it defines one’s personal and cultural space in the world. Furniture is art that functions, contributing to one’s daily lifestyle.


Deciduous Designs works closely with individuals, architects, and interior designers to ensure our hand-crafted, original furniture enhances one’s lifestyle. We work in a range of hardwoods, uniting the natural beauty of the wood grain and figure in a sculptural, elegant harmony of form and function that will last for generations.


We believe that a piece is finished only when it functions for its primary purpose and is aesthetically pleasing. Our designs are created with exacting attention to detail and built to provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment. Deciduous Designs prides itself on the quality of every hand-made piece, and guarantees a lifetime of service.


Deciduous Designs
Hand-made Custom Fine Furniture

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